PM - Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - Conroe, TX

Date Posted: 01/14/2022

Equity Staffing has an exciting opportunity for a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Conroe Texas area. This role is for someone who has experience working with Neuro recovery patience. Please see Job description below.

Position Detail:
 Completes and records routine patient vital signs as per instructed by RN/LVN.
 Performs patient rounds as ordered, if unable to perform, primary nurse is notified.
 Knowledgeable of vital sign ranges and reports any deviation to the primary nurse immediately.
 Ensures that fluid/food intake and output are appropriately measured and recorded in patient charts every shift.
 Performs oral care at least once per shift and documents on patient’s chart.
 Provides hair care at least once per shift and documents on patient’s chart.
 Feeds patients as assigned/required.
 Assist with transfers as needed.
 Answers patients call lights-timely (within 5 minutes if not in another patient’s room). Immediately reports any patient concerns/ pt family complaints to program director.
 Reports any perceived/actual change in patient’s alertness, physical condition, skin changes, and any other areas of concern to patient’s primary care nurse immediately.
 Is able to verbalize facility’s emergency codes and responsibility with each. Can verbalize the CNA role in patient emergency situations.
 Ensures patients bed is clean and organized at all times with call bell and patient items within reach.
 Practices correct isolation techniques to maintain a safe environment and to control spread of infection.
 Maintains cleanliness of various instruments and equipment used per facility policy.
 Keeps patient rooms clean and in an orderly condition by removing all trash and preventing unnecessary clutter.
 Assist with restocking rooms with supplies and equipment as required including gowns, gloves, masks, etc.
 Is respectful/courteous, to patients/families/fellow staff at all times
 Exchanges and communicates patient care information upon change of shift. .
 Completes all required documentation in a timely manner and prior to end of shift.
 Ability to accept direction from supervisors and other management team members in a positive and professional manner.
 Ensures soiled linen hampers are covered, cleaned and/or emptied as needed and at the end of the shift.
 Communicates unit/patient concerns to Program Director.
 Performs and documents patients’ weights as ordered.



"I was so impressed with the outstanding service that Equity Staffing provided in placing me in my current position.  I wasn’t sure I would be a good candidate for this position, but my recruiter and Equity’s Account Manager took the time to go over the job description and how my experience and skill set would fit in perfectly with this job assignment.  I am glad I took their advice, because I am now on contract with a great company working with a professional staff and learning how to support a management team in an industry I have never worked in before.” 

Lisa M.

Denver, CO

“I’ve been an IT contractor for 9 years, and in that time I’ve been exposed to numerous IT staffing firms and consulting agencies, big and small.  Equity impressed me immediately.  My recruiters quickly and efficiently connected me with a great tech company whose needs in both personality and tech proficiency matched my wheelhouse in addition to a healthy dose of career progressing tech challenges.  And a 12 minute drive from my house no less.  That’s huge for me.  They were willing to meet face to face before the client company interview which, in my experience, is critical to the staffing firm / contractor relationship.  Equity is organized, modern, and professional, and my recruiters were very pleasant to work with, responsive, and generous with their time.  I’m grateful for all they’ve done for me.”

Christopher S.

Minneapolis, MN

“Working as a consultant for Equity Staffing Group has been a wonderful experience.  My recruiter was a true professional throughout the entire process.  Equity separates itself from other staffing companies I have worked with in past because they provided wonderful customer service, they had benefits offerings,  the onboarding was easy and efficient but best of all they followed up with me prior to my assignment ending and found my next assignment shortly afterward.  I highly recommend the professionals at Equity Staffing Group!”

Tamika B.

Atlanta, GA