Staffing Services

At Equity Staffing Group, each and every one of our team members is committed to providing your organization with exceptional talent . And they like to keep themselves busy matching people with jobs and jobs with people. Our team knows the people and the market and take the time to understand your hiring objectives. That is why we tailor our process to fit your individual business needs. Providing innovative workforce solutions to help clients operate more efficiently and more successfully.

We have a proven record of success in matching great people with great opportunities. Ask any of the thousands of professionals placed through us on any given day. We have offices all over the United States, to help you out. No matter where you are, we can help.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has a strong focus on methodology, measurable results, and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process. RPO services significantly increase the number of qualified hires while simultaneously lowering hiring costs, reducing fill time, and decreasing stress on in-house human resources teams. In short, RPO provides revolutionary recruitment practices that take the risky guesswork out of recruitment.

Payroll Services

At Equity Staffing Group, we have the specialized knowledge and expertise to deliver payroll services that optimize your contract workforce. As a preferred payroll services provider, Equity Staffing Group becomes the employer of record.  Contingent workers are covered under our insurance, including workers' compensation and general liability, and we are responsible for all tax liabilities and reporting.

We built a solution that brings payroll into the future – unifying managed services, payroll data, processes and analytics in a single solution. Equity Staffing Group payroll services solution is a comprehensive program that includes simple on-boarding procedures for the employee and a dedicated staff that assists with check distribution and on-going support. The cost savings, risk reduction, speed & reliability of our payroll services make Equity Staffing Group the best in the industry.


“We have worked with Equity Staffing Group for the last five years. The relationship is built on trust, good communication and a solid understanding of the positions we need help filling. Equity has always been very responsive and partnered with us to place appropriate people within our organization for both short and long term commitments. They understand our culture and strive to place a person that will enhance both our team and the candidates’ ability. They are an excellent resource for our staffing needs!”

Call Center Manager

Kansas City, MO

"I have had the pleasure of working with Equity Staffing Group over the last couple years and can say that I have never received such outstanding customer service from any other vendor in the past.  They take the time to truly understand not only what makes my organization function swiftly and efficiently, but what it is that makes our culture special and unique.  They commit their valuable time to build our relationship, not just on a professional level, but really understand me as a person, my morals, values, and goals.  By doing that, they have been able to find the candidate that not only fits within our organization’s culture, but that melds well with me day in and day out.  I am grateful for our partnership and would recommend any of my peers to Equity Staffing Group.”

Technology Leader

Denver, CO

“I want to take a moment to say, with all sincerity, that I’m extremely grateful for your efforts in supporting our team.   You’ve done a fantastic job and working with Equity Staffing Group has been wonderful – couldn’t ask for better.  When I meet with my executive leadership, I make it a point to let them know Equity Staffing Group has been, far and above, the best vendor I’ve dealt with during our hiring initiative:  excellent candidates, a strong supply of candidates, and strong support for the interviewing and hiring process. Thank you for your efforts, and those on the team you are recognized and greatly appreciated.”

IT Director

Minneapolis, MN